The Complete Step-By-Step SEO Listicle Template Guide for Beginners

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The Complete Step-By-Step SEO Listicle Template Guide for Beginners

Get the Ultimate Listicle Writing Template for Your Business!

Using the keyword “SEO listicle,” this blog follows the formula for an engaging and impactful blog topic. 

As a freelance writer or small business, you need to take on a variety of different types of marketing strategies. This piece of content provides all the information you need for developing your on-page SEO. This article is a plug-n-play template for SEO listicles—a type of article that’s easy to measure and track, and that can boost your reputation.

Check out the 5 steps for utilizing this SEO listicle template.

1. Replace the highlighted keywords with your keyword. 

Firstly, it goes without saying that when using this template, replace most of the content with your writing. The most important part to replace is the highlighted keywords throughout the post. The highlighted keywords represent the frequency the keyword needs to appear in a text this length to register well on the search engine results page. 

2. Decide on items to include in your SEO listicle.

Each item in your listicle will appear as H2 in the article. By adding headings to the writing, you help guide the viewer through the content – making it easier for the reader to consume the product. Readability is a priority to most algorithms. The algorithms use backend formattings like titles, subtitles, and headers to scan and register the quality of your content. 

3. Stay conscious of your syntax. 

Pieces that are easier to read when it’s simple. Shorter sentences, accessible words, and proper tenses all subtly play into why your reader stays on your page. Or ideally, inspire them to explore more of the high-quality SEO content on your website. 

4. Does the information flow?

This question is a general one that is applicable to any type of writing. But for SEO writing, the evidence is in the transition words. Be sure to remember and include transitional phrases or words in your story to contribute positively to the readability as well. 

5. Does it have value?

Finally, no piece of SEO writing is successful if it doesn’t add value. Write with purpose and focus on an objective to integrate worth into your piece. Though if it’s useless, there’s no reason for the algorithm to put it on the top of the SERP. 

In sum, SEO listicles are a worthwhile way for business owners to gain exposure to potential customers. With the right keywords and the right content structure, you can put your business in front of an audience that’s looking for the services you offer.

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