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Austin Spurs Manager Of Operations & Entertainment Balances Business & Fun

Tanyn Walters is the Manager of Operations and Entertainment for the Austin Spurs (Spurs Sports & Entertainment). At her job, you can catch her doing anything from working on financial documents to hosting Hype Squad auditions. It is evident from her vast list of career experiences that Walters is a hard worker. This isn’t surprising considering … Continue reading “Austin Spurs Manager Of Operations & Entertainment Balances Business & Fun”

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Is Pepsi Soda Worth 17 Submarines and 3 Warships? The Russians Thought So

Sometimes the only way to quench your thirst is to trade 17 submarines and 3 warships for Pepsi cola. Which is exactly what the Soviet Union gave Pepsi in return for their soda. READ: 7 Reasons Why Tiny Homes Will Help the Homeless Crisis What started as probably the best example of product placement the … Continue reading “Is Pepsi Soda Worth 17 Submarines and 3 Warships? The Russians Thought So”

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I am the primary content producer for Above110.com. Click here to check out the articles and videos I produced highlighting the culture and diversity of Upper Manhattan.

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NH1 News

This is a collection of articles I wrote for NH1 News. NH1 News rebranded and no longer reports news, which is why these links are PDFs. Within the PDFs, some media may be missing. Original Reporting  A Good Sign_ Nashua Men Say Don_t Worry Be Happy This NH Business Won’t Serve Republicans Death and Dismemberment_ … Continue reading “NH1 News”

Back to the Future

Today is the day we leave for Europe! After a very last minute decision a month ago, my best friend Lisa and I are finally leaving tonight to explore the world. We leave from Logan International Airport in Boston to Madrid, Spain. We should arrive in Spain at 11:30 a.m. so we lose six hours. … Continue reading “Back to the Future”

A character from Yu-Gi-O painted on a newspaper box.

Inwood Street Artist Aims to Inspire His Community

If you want something done right, you do it yourself. That’s exactly what this Inwood street artist is doing. READ: Uptown Photographer Represents the 212 in Regional Campaign You’ve probably seen ICU463’s artwork on the streets of Inwood, but you won’t see his face. Watch the video here.

A night shot of the neon signs in front of a laundry mat.

Uptown Photographer Represents the 212 in Regional Campaign

An uptown photographer has been featured in an AT&T campaign around the city. Uptown Puerto Rican photographer Carlos Rivera (a.k.a. @eyeshootnyc) took a photo of Wash Rite Laundromat at 4841 Broadway, New York, that can now be seen in AT&T’s #Itsa212thing campaign.   Read more here.

Video Editing

When it comes to the video production process, editing the clip in post production is the phase I feel most confident in my skill.       Vlogs    

Sink or Swim? Earthmark Takes on the Ocean With Febut Album

Earthmark tests their swimming ability as a new band with their debut album, “Oceans For The Nomad,” will they sink or swim? The members of Earthmark, vocalist and bassist Nick Burns, guitarist Brad DiPalma, and drummer Anthony Crescentini, former members of the band Towns, go on an epic saga through the ocean on their ten … Continue reading “Sink or Swim? Earthmark Takes on the Ocean With Febut Album”

The View From Phive 6

Although they are the same person, Brendon Phommaa and Phive 6 are two different people. On June 3, 2016 at the Nashua Garden restaurant and bar, Brendon Phommaa sits on a bar stool near the brick wall; clad in a white bandanna headband, mustache and goatee, and shaggy hair. Phommaa is a quiet and observant … Continue reading “The View From Phive 6”

The psychedelic rock band, Towns, makes their album debut

Everywhere they go, the band Towns finds their rhythm. The Nashua, New Hampshire based psychedelic cream funk trifecta features Brad DiPalma (guitar), Nick Burns (vocals, bass), and Anthony Crescentini (drums), who share an unending passion for rock’n’roll. Towns is recording their debut studio album this summer, and it is a soulful and energetic embodiment of … Continue reading “The psychedelic rock band, Towns, makes their album debut”


The following videos are interviews I conducted for NH1 News. First Facebook Live Interview With Vermin Supreme from Avalon Lustick on Vimeo.

Tangerine (2015): A Real Transgender Lifestyle

A recent movie that came out called “Tangerine” (2015) became one of the most intriguing films of last year. The independent movie profiles Sin-dee-rella (Kitiana Kiki Rodriguez), a transgender woman fresh out of prison on a quest for vengeance. After finding out from her best friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor), that Sin-Dee’s boyfriend/pimp cheated on her … Continue reading “Tangerine (2015): A Real Transgender Lifestyle”