An undressed twin bed in a dark bedroom.

The Black Monk of Pontefract

The Black Monk of Pontefract is one of the most notorious poltergeists in Europe. Infamous for many reasons, the ghost’s ...
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A woman modeling a covid-19 vintagepurple 90s windbreaker jacket.

Covid-19 Vintage – The New Trend in Quarantining

Quarantine confession: We can't stop online vintage shopping. With Covid-19 still present, it seems the only thing to do is ...
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The 10 Craziest Christmas Crimes

It's the craziest time of the year, and these Christmas crimes prove it. To most people, Christmas is a happy ...
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A group of men and women in matching baseball hates smiling at the camera.

Austin Spurs Manager Of Operations & Entertainment Balances Business & Fun

Tanyn Walters is the Manager of Operations and Entertainment for the Austin Spurs (Spurs Sports & Entertainment). At her job, you ...
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Caterer distributing food over a giant wok.

Party Planning? Hire a Caterer.

You don’t need another reason to stress over your party, it’s time to hire a caterer. Parties are great. Great ...
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2 crossed feet with water shoes on at the beach.

3 Shoes to Run on the Beach in at Sandals Royal Caribbean

For those who like long runs on the beach at Sandals Royal Caribbean, check out these shoes. The beach is ...
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A hand holding an unopened vintage bottle of Pepsi Cola.

Is Pepsi Soda Worth 17 Submarines and 3 Warships? The Russians Thought So

Sometimes the only way to quench your thirst is to trade 17 submarines and 3 warships for Pepsi cola. Which ...
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3 colorful tiny homes next to each other in a row.

7 Reasons Why Tiny Homes Will Help the Homeless Crisis

Homes 4 the Homeless hired me to write an article about the tiny storage container homes. Read the article here ...
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Green and white Above110 logo on a white background


I am the primary content producer for Above110.com. Click here to check out the articles and videos I produced highlighting ...
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Blue and green NH1 News logo against white background.

NH1 News

This is a collection of articles I wrote for NH1 News. NH1 News rebranded and no longer reports news, which ...
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Back to the Future

Today is the day we leave for Europe! After a very last minute decision a month ago, my best friend ...
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A character from Yu-Gi-O painted on a newspaper box.

Inwood Street Artist Aims to Inspire His Community

If you want something done right, you do it yourself. That’s exactly what this Inwood street artist is doing. READ: ...
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A night shot of the neon signs in front of a laundry mat.

Uptown Photographer Represents the 212 in Regional Campaign

An uptown photographer has been featured in an AT&T campaign around the city. Uptown Puerto Rican photographer Carlos Rivera (a.k.a ...
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Sink or Swim? Earthmark Takes on the Ocean With Febut Album

Earthmark tests their swimming ability as a new band with their debut album, "Oceans For The Nomad," will they sink ...
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The View From Phive 6

Although they are the same person, Brendon Phommaa and Phive 6 are two different people. On June 3, 2016 at ...
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Live at the Nashua Garden: Towns

On the first floor of the Nashua Garden restaurant and bar, the ceiling shook. Ascending the stairs, the energy grew ...
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The psychedelic rock band, Towns, makes their album debut

Everywhere they go, the band Towns finds their rhythm. The Nashua, New Hampshire based psychedelic cream funk trifecta features Brad ...
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The Precarious Media: How the LGBTQIA Community is Misrepresented

A precarious life is what many members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex Asexual community lead ...
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