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This is a collection of articles I wrote for NH1 News. NH1 News rebranded and no longer reports news, which is why these links are PDFs. Within the PDFs, some media may be missing.

Original Reporting 

A Good Sign_ Nashua Men Say Don_t Worry Be Happy

This NH Business Won’t Serve Republicans

Death and Dismemberment_ A Brief History of New England Shark Attacks

Thank You For a Great … What!_ NH Water Park Sign Displays Peculiar Message

It’s a Dog Fight_ Videos Question Validity of NH Canine Kennel

Vermin Supreme Promotes ‘Pony Porn’ During Clinton Book Protest

This Couple’s Story Reminds Us to Always Have Faith in Good People

If You Want Something Done, Do it Yourself_ Dover Man Shoots Rats

Lettuce and Lizards_ 1 Woman’s Salad Surprise Turns Into Disgust

Target_s Racially Insensitive Father’s Day Card and Other Times Companies Missed the Mark

You’re Fired! Funspot Worker Canned for Refusing to Serve Soldier Wearing Trump Shirt

Needles, Dead Frogs, Sex Toys, and Poop_ This is Not a Landfill, It’s a NH Town

Here’s Why This Woman Held an ‘Anal Sex’ Sign in Front of the NH Statehouse

Concord Sheds A Tear_ Eye Overlooking City Blinks Closed Permanently

‘I Couldn’t Eat My Food,’ Woman Says After Finding Dead Rodents, Feces at NH Diner

Of Mice and Meal_ Video Shows Dead Rodents at NH Diner

Blood, Feces, Rats and a Restaurant_ Londonderry Sues to Stop Slaughterhouse

Ortiz Hopes to Hit a Home Run with His Wine — All for His Mom and the Children

Ortiz Reveals Details of a Recent Conversation with Tom Brady — and That Thumb Injury



Here Are 15 July 4th Picture Captions Better Than Your Friends’

Your Samsung Could Send Your Photos Without Permission; What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen_

20 Questions Your Kids Will Want to Answer After Their Day at School

5 Things You Didn’t Know About NH’s Fight to Honor MLK

5 Useful Recipes for Your Useless Storm Essentials

Pool Floaties That Will Make a Splash and Get You Wet

9 Movies That Brought Hollywood to NH

17 Fall Instagram Captions Worthy of a New England Autumn

Cheez Balls Are Back and the World Demands These 7 Snacks Return, Too

Cozy Up With Coffee On the Seacoast_ 5 Shops to Try

Fall in Love With Your Room_ Tips to Refresh Your Living Space For Autumn

It’s Never Too Hot For These Cool Desserts_ 7 No Heat Treats to Try

Not Another Summer Photo_ 17 Captions That Will Get You Likes

The Grossest Commercials for Products We’d Still Throw Our Money At

You’ll Never Leave Your House Again After Seeing These Fungi and Molds

Want to Learn Some Cool Things About Your Android_ This Is the Article to Read

When You Were a Kid These Movies Inspired Irrational Fear … and They Still Might

The Most Beautiful Tattoos Are NH Themed Ones and These Prove It



Crime Reporting

‘Don’t Be a Baby’ Manchester Man Says to 10-Year-Old Sex Assault Victim, Documents State

‘I Can’t Wait to Rape You_’ NH Man Arrested for Texting Threats

‘I’ll F______ Stab You’ Assailant Says After Assaulting Service Dog, Documents State

‘Kill the Jews’ Message Covered by NH Resident With Love

‘Luv Em Yung’_ Man Who Tricked Girls Into Sending Nude Photos Gets 25 Years

‘Such a shock__ 2 Black Teens Accused of ‘Casing_ NH Jewelry Store by Owner, Family Says

Burglary No. 2_ This NH Man Is Accused of Pooping on a Floor and Stealing Honey Sticks

Drugs, Drugs, More Drugs, and a Gun_ NH Woman Arrested While on Bail

Hundreds of Rescued Roosters Face Deadly Fate Because of Cockfighting Breeding

Lies Allowed Teacher to Get Job at 2nd School After Sexual Relationship with Student, Documents State

Maine Police Warned Over A Month Ago About Potential Cruel Cat Killer

Maybe He Had the Runs_ Superintendent Caught Pooping on School Track

NH Man Swallows Sedatives During Shoplifting Arrest at Walmart

NH Police Are Totally Judging This Thief, and There’s Video to Prove It

Police Investigating Suspicious Death of Nashua Man

This is the Face You Make When You’re Tased Twice and Arrested

Victim’s Hand-Drawn Pictures Detailed Sex Abuse, Court Documents State




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