On the first floor of the Nashua Garden restaurant and bar, the ceiling shook.

Ascending the stairs, the energy grew as the band Towns began their set on the second floor. Amongst the brick wall, sports memorabilia, and spilled beer on the floor, Towns rocked out for a performance worthy of the TD Garden. In reality, a small crowd surrounded the band as Nick Burns (vocals, bass), Brad DiPalma (guitar), and Anthony Crescentini (drums) channeled the energy of a classic 80s hairband, all the while wearing sandals.

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Nick Burns (vocals, bass) and Tim Bourgoin rocking out at the Nashua Garden.

The music was rhythmic and sounded like a hybrid of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. DiPalma and Burns’ fingers moved so fast up and down the neck of their guitars that their hands looked like spiders spinning a web. The band performed some of their original music, like their song “Phases”, and even covers of popular songs  by Cage the Elephant and Black Sabbath to please the crowd. Towns was well rehearsed and tight, showing the synchronization of their minds building to an eventual climax during an improvisational jam session that lasted what seemed like 10 minutes.

towns june 3 390
On June 3 2016, the audience cheers for Brad DiPalma (guitar).

What sets Towns’ performance apart from others was their welcoming attitude to others contributing to their performance.  Their producer, Tim Bourgoin, made a cameo and performed with the band for a couple songs. At one point, Burns extended an invitation to the crowd for anyone who knew the lyrics to Black Sabbath’s “Snowblind” to come and sing the song with them. And to prove their versatility, Towns even laid down instrumental music for the rapper Phive-6 and freestyle rapper Deni Dzebic. The inclusion of a mix of experienced musicians and members of the audience spoke louder than their music when it came to depicting their approach to performing and music creation.

While the experience of watching Towns was electrifying, the music was really loud for such an enclosed space, which resulted in muffling the lyrics. In the end, their music captured your attention so much you may not have noticed if the floor caved in from their energetic performance.

Towns is currently recording their debut album and has upcoming shows at Agave Azul, Riverside Barbecue, and Fody’s Tavern.

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