Everywhere they go, the band Towns finds their rhythm.

The Nashua, New Hampshire based psychedelic cream funk trifecta features Brad DiPalma (guitar), Nick Burns (vocals, bass), and Anthony Crescentini (drums), who share an unending passion for rock’n’roll. Towns is recording their debut studio album this summer, and it is a soulful and energetic embodiment of that rock’n’roll vibe.

Towns had been performing in basements and small parties for years, and it wasn’t until five months ago, when the band acquired their new manager, Zacchaeus Horn, that they started to book more serious gigs. Since then, Towns has played at establishments like Agave Azul and Fody’s in Nashua, and Dudley’s in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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The band formed officially in the fall of 2013 with two other members. Since then, their second guitarist and lead vocalist left the band to pursue other projects. Burns felt that their sound definitely evolved alongside the evolution of their members. “We’ve gotten tighter as a rhythm section and we’ve become more technical,” said Burns, “we’ve definitely become more synced.”

Produced by Tim Bourgoin, Towns’ forthcoming album, “Forget Who You Are,” is the band’s studio debut and is reminiscent of music by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Cream. Towns makes it to the recording studio in Manchester a few times throughout the month, in between the band’s consistent local performances.

Set to go out on tour throughout the summer, Towns will only perform original music.

“We can’t pretend we’re normal,” DiPalma said about the sound of their unique original music.  

The finished product of the band’s collaboration is a combination of unorthodox practices, Burns’s poetry, and the cities and communities in which they play.

“Every time we’d jam it was like we were in different places,” Crescentini said, “Because we were on tour, we were going from town to town.”

Hence the band name.

When they’re not drinking eggnog and eating mozzarella sticks in between jam sessions, Towns work hard on their music and are trying to stay in the moment. As for the future…

“We’ve gone farther than we thought,” Burns said.

Towns has upcoming performances at Fody’s, the Nashua Garden, and Agave Azul in Nashua this summer.

To check out future performances and updates on the band visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Townsrockmusic/

For business inquires contact Zacchaeus Horn at Zhorntowns@gmail.com.


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